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Apex Legends Free Coins Guide

The Battle Royale genre acquired a new member with very high ambitions last month, from the creators of the Titanic series. The Respawn studio, which in turn was formed by some of the creators of the Call of Duty series, slammed us in the arms of Apex Legends, a whole game complete. It’s not an Alpha, it’s not a Beta, it’s not Early Access, but a release of a finished product, perfectly functional.
The fact that it is free, with micro-transactions largely just cosmetics, but somehow published by Electronic Arts, makes the situation even more amazing.
In so little time, Apex Legends gathered more than 50 million players and the attention of the entire world, threatening to dethrone the current kings of the genre. And the way he managed to do that wasn’t through traditional marketing, through intensive promotion, through months of deluges and trailers from E3 that don’t coincide with reality.
The game was simply released, and the world began to play it because it turned out to be good. Sure, over a month or two, he’ll probably come out and find out who knows what campaign she initiated on Twitch and Youtube, but that doesn’t really ensure success, as Ubisoft discovered with For Honor.